About Us

About NAFS

Nepal American Film Society (NAFS) is a 501(c) (3) compliant non-profit organization based in Maryland whose mission is to bridge the world of arts and culture through cinema. The Film Society was founded by a group of media professionals, filmmakers and film enthusiasts in the United States. The Film society creates an international platform to promote film culture by organizing screenings, festivals, conferences, and exchange programs.

NAFS strongly believes that cinema represents the most powerful medium for portraying diverse stories of the various communities around the world. Cinema provides a unique opportunity to understand the cultural diversity and connects the world – without the barrier of language. Due to new technologies, film has now become easily accessible to the public, and we believe that it can be a powerful medium of telling a story.

NAFS focuses on bridging the Nepali and American culture, and community through cinema by partnering with film, arts and other development organizations. NAFS strongly encourages collaboration efforts of individuals and organizations from Nepali Diaspora community.