First NAIFF is Concluded

The first Nepal America International Film Festival was concluded on May 7, 2017 with the following winners:





The Best short film
Dadyaa directed by Bibhusan Basnet, Pooja Gurung – Nepal




The Best feature film narrative
Serdhak The Golden Hill directed by Rajan Kathet – Nepal




The Best feature documentary

Urmila – My memory Is My Power directed by Susan Gluth- Germany-Nepal





Special Jury
Sherpa Stew, a documentary directed by Andy Cockrum – USA






Perhaps the festival was the best experience for the members of the jury because of the richness and the artistic
quality existed in almost all the films shown.

Decisions were not easy to make since all the movies were so diverse and eyeopening in all genres.
From the beauty, honesty, and originality of “The Golden Hill” to the surrealistic and mysterious masked figures of short film “Dadyaa.”

The power of “Urmila” was so invigorating and relentless like no other films we have recently seen. No doubt the film has and will have influence not only on the Nepalis society but it will also open the eyes of the the whole world to do something about the modern “slavery” of children particularly girls.

And finally, the six-year in the making “Sherpa Stew” by And Cockrum was the best heart-warming and informative
film about 4000 Nepalis and their families who have come down from the coldest, highest, and most dangerous mountain in the world, EVEREST, and now looking for “The American Dream” in the USA.

The Jury would also thank the organizers of such a wonderful festival. With no doubt, the festival will flourish in the years to come. This is just the beginning

Jury Team
Nabin Subba (Jury Chair), Nina Streich (Jury), Farid Bozorgmehr (Jury)

May 8, 2017

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