NAIFF is set to open its curtains with ‘A Road to A Village’ and wrap up with ‘The Red Suitcase’

NAIFF – The Nepal America International Film Festival, organized by the Nepal America Film Society based in Maryland, has announced its eagerly anticipated opening and closing night screenings.

Kicking off on Thursday, June 20th, the festival will host the American premiere of ‘A Road to A Village,’ directed by Nabin Subba and produced by Amod Rai. Starring internationally acclaimed actors Daya Hang Rai and Pashupati Rai, this feature film previously premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2023. It portrays the tale of Maila, a skilled bamboo weaver whose tranquil existence is disrupted when a road links their secluded village to the nearest town. ‘A Road to A Village’ is slated for theatrical release in Nepal and worldwide on June 7th.

Concluding the festival on Sunday, June 23rd, will be ‘The Red Suitcase,’ directed by Fidel Devkota and produced by Ram Krishna Pokharel. This film, which debuted at the Venice Film Festival in 2023, stars prominent Nepali actors, Saugat Malla, Bipin Karki, and Shristi Shrestha. The narrative follows a pick-up truck driver who embarks on a two-day journey from the Kathmandu airport to a remote mountain village to deliver a package from abroad. Having already enjoyed a successful theatrical release in Nepal, ‘The Red Suitcase’ is now poised to captivate the North American audience.

“We are delighted to participate in the [NAIFF] festival,” said Amod Rai. “It’s a platform that celebrates diverse cultures.”

“Yes, it’s an honor,” agreed Pokharel.