Nepal America Film Society offers sponsorship program for small businesses to franchise, local to international and family business to brands. Currently, we are accepting sponsorship for Nepal America International Film Festival- 2017. The film festival will provide a platform for promoting business through the film festival sponsorship program.

What do the sponsors get if they sponsor?

  • The Sponsorship banner will be displayed in the main banner of the festival.
  • Logo and organization name will be on the website (America Nepal Film Society)
  • Certificate of appreciation will be given at the closing ceremony
  • Will be recognized in the Film Festival Opening ceremony (No speech)
  • Sponsorship organizations will get a free pass.
  • The sponsor’s names with logo will be displayed in the video of film festival.

Visibility of the Funder & Sponsors:

We believe that funding agencies and sponsors will have key role for the successful program. Visibility of the funding agencies and sponsors will clearly be mentioned in the NAIFF. First of all, name of the funding agencies and sponsors will be put in the website of the festival. Link of the website will be sent widely in the film network as well as other film festival and individuals.  Name of the funding agencies and sponsors will be highly prioritized to publish main poster of festival, booklet, print and banners.

If you would like to support please contact us, nafilmsociety@gmail.com