Support Overview

Why Sponsor NAIFF?

By sponsoring the Nepal America International Film Festival (NAIFF), you have the opportunity to engage with diverse audiences, including affluent Nepali, American and South Asian communities, art and cinema enthusiasts, and social influencers in the Washington DC metro area and beyond.

We believe in collaborating with local businesses and community-driven organizations to bring people together through cultural expression and diverse perspectives. Your partnership with NAIFF will expose your brand to a vibrant community of individuals who share a passion for films and the power of storytelling.

Becoming a sponsor for NAIFF is a strategic investment that not only benefits your brand but also supports our mission to promote cultural diversity and creativity. Through your sponsorship, you can be a part of a unique platform that celebrates cinema and brings people together from all backgrounds.


The Nepal America Film Society offers a sponsorship program for businesses of all sizes, including small businesses, larger franchises, and corporations. The program is currently accepting sponsors for the upcoming NAIFF 2023. Sponsoring the festival provides a unique opportunity to promote your business while supporting a good cause. All sponsorship contributions are tax-deductible and fully compliant with the law.

As a sponsor, your brand will be recognized and mentioned throughout the festival, giving you greater visibility and recognition. This is a chance to align your business with the festival’s values, including promoting cultural diversity and creativity through cinema.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please get in touch with us to learn more about our sponsorship packages and how you can support the NAIFF2023.