Get Involved

We organize our program in volunteer basis.  You can get involved with us through team of the festival, volunteer and other various kind of support program. The film society acknowledges and recognizes all of you based on the contribution and involvement. We will mention and acknowledge your involvement and contribution for the film festival.

Attend the Film Festival

Nepal America Film Society invites all of you to attend the film festival. We organize varieties of film programs in different locations. You can attend the film festival with your everyday time schedule from 12am to 10pm. Your attendance and participation will be a key role for the successful for the festival. It is an opportunity to support this program by attending and participating in the film festival. If you are not living in Washington DC metro area, you can make plan to visit during the festival time. We will recommend for the food and accommodation with film festival’s discount rate.

Share and Care for the Festival

Sharing through social media is caring for us and the film festival. Nepal America Film Society provides an opportunity for sharing the film festival event with your friends, family and connection in the United States or across the world. We will observe and evaluate your sharing. It is a way for supporting the film festival. Your support benefited for the cinema, society and culture.