Short Film


Acres of Diamonds examines the two possible paths for vulnerable children in rural, poverty stricken India: A life in slavery with no hope of escape or a flourishing life with Good News India, where they receive food, clothes, education, and love. This film gives a voice to millions of forgotten children who are desperately in need of help. They have a chance at emancipation, if only someone will offer it to them.


Genre: Documentary

Country: Nepal

Runtime: 21 min

Director: Shawn Small
In his early twenties Shawn began to travel extensively and wanderlust became his passion. In 2000, Shawn became the founder and Executive Director of Wonder Voyage, a unique non-profit organization dedicated to leading other explorers on pilgrimages to dozens of countries across the globe. He combined his fervor for writing and storytelling to author three award winning books and to write, direct and produce an award winning documentary, Ru: Water is Life. He continues to combine travel and creativity to tell the stories of the people he meets from around the world.

Language(s): Hindi and English

Subtitles: English

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