Goodbye Kathmandu


This movie tells the story of three young men living in Katmandu, Nepal, during the civil war in winter 2004. While Maoist rebels are at war with government forces, the livelihoods of the people become wrenched. A computer programmer, Amar, who has just returned from the USA, plans to provideinternet service all over Nepal, but the social situation prevents him from doing it. Mangal, the son of a poor craftsman dreaming of being a rock musician, is confused over his own identity in the constantly changing circumstances. Rabin, from a wealthy family, is a troublemaker and his family puts pressure on him to join the army or get married to a woman and leave Nepal. What ties these three young men together is the sound of the TV and the radio delivering the war news. The war becomes part of their daily life. Where they live turns into a battlefield, and a flood of signs signifies a dismal future of pain and sacrifice. In the end, the only thing they can do is say “goodbye” to Katmandu and turn away.

Nabin Subba (DIRECTOR)

Nepalese writer and producer Nabin Subba worked as a journalist while cutting his teeth in the arts in theatre. He is also a magazine editor, continues to write criticism for several periodicals, as well as heads the Indigenous Film Archive Nepal. His films include The Mountain (1996) Numafung (2001), and the acclaimed documentary TV series “Dalan” (2008).

Genre: Drama   
Country: Nepal
Runtime: 133 Min
Director: Nabin Subba
Language(s): Nepali
Subtitles: English
Dates & Times: May 18, 2018,  6:00 PM- 10:00 PM
Plays In:  AFI Silver Theater