Looking Back at Nepali Cinema


The film highlights the changing lives and ways of the Limbu people, an ethnic minority residing in rural

eastern Nepal. It is a story of a young Limbu girl’s struggle with cultural traditions, the impact of local medical

practices on her life, and the effect of her actions on her community. The struggles of Numa, the young girl,

represent the lives of many other young Nepali women, torn between fulfilling her desires and cultural



Genre: Drama

Country: Nepal

Runtime: 108 Mins

Director: Nabin Subba

Nabin Subba (Limbu) is a Nepalese film director, screenwriter and producer. He is generally

regarded as a leading figure and pioneer of the “Fourth Cinema” movement in Nepalese cinema, making the film base on Nepalese indigenous community. His works Khangri and Numafung was

awarded in many film festivals around the globe. Nabin’s last major project was Goodbye

Kathmandu, which is due to release soon. He also directed a 52-episode T.V. serial called Dalan, about Dalit (the untouchables in Nepal), which he completed in the 2006 and aired from NTV

2008/2009. The TV serial was one of the most popular serial in the history on Nepal television , which was nominated for One world media trust ,UK for outstanding work on social issue in

developing countries.. Language(s): Nepali

Subtitles: English

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