Nepal Panorama


A young man returns from the city to his village in the remote mountains of Mustang, with ideas to improve

the lives of his people, but struggles to reconcile these with the existing realities. Lhakpa wants to become an

engineer, so that he can contribute to the development of his village, but unexpected family strife means he

must delay his aspirations. In the meantime, he meets his childhood sweetheart, but she may already have

plans of her own that he is not aware of. The film charts his often complex relationships with his lover, his

family, and the rest of the village. In the end, nothing turns up quite as Lhakpa plans in this tale of discovery,

rediscovery, and adaptation. This film was first shown at the Seattle Film Festival in 2015 and received special

mention at the 19th Cervino Film Festival in Italy


Genre: Drama

Country: Nepal

Runtime: 74 Mins

Director: Rajan Kathet

Rajan Kathet, born 1988 in Nepal, is a young filmmaker who has made several short films both as

director and writer, and has directed a fiction feature film, Serdhak (2015). Currently he is pursuing

his Joint Masters in Documentary Film Direction at DOCNOMADS (Portugal, Hungary and Belgium)

2014-16, with the support of Erasmus Plus Scholarship. Filmography: Dokh (2016); Serdhak (2014);

Talkint to the air (2013); Raghav (2013); Mok- shya (2013 ); Nagarjuna ( 2012); Ma janna (I won’t go, 2012).

Language(s): Nepali

Subtitles: English

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