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At the age of six, Urmila was sold into slavery by her family in Nepal. Now 21 and having escaped her horrific and abusive conditions, she struggles to take back her power as a fervent anti-slavery activist who also wants to become a lawyer to bring change to her country. Despite her unwavering self-determination and courage, Urmila finds her life is still controlled by others—this time by the pressures of people’s expectations and the desire of others to shape her career and life’s path. This intimate and touching film follows Urmila’s quest for justice and her dream to end child slavery in Nepal. But first she must break through the control of those around her so she can begin to make her own life choices. A film about the quest for justice with strength that gives courage and hope.


Genre: Documentary, Biography

Country: USA

Runtime: 87 Min

Director: Susan Gluth

Susan Gluth was born in Hamburg. After practical training as a forest ranger, cook, and veterinarian, she studied business and commerce, followed by film at the University of Television & Film in Munich. Active as a freelance filmmaker, producer, and director of photography, her films include “L’amour chez Tati” (1999), “A Refugee Childhood” (2006), “Soap and Water” (2008), and “Playing Hooky” (2014).

Language(s): English and Nepali

Subtitles: English

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